Character Info Edit

Type Townie Sim
Star Level Star Level 0
Role resident
Residence Name Violet's House

Violet, in FunTown, looks a lot different then you would think of her and see her in your game. In FunTown, Violet's outfit, hair color, and voice remains the same, but there are a lot of changes. Her hair style is like Mayor Rosalyn's, eyes like Poppy's, a mouth like Clara's, and darker skin. Violet looked like her regular appearance when Timmy first came to FunTown. Violet is one of the first sims living in FunTown that still lives in the town, along with Timmy, Buddy, and Mayor Rosalyn. Everyone else who lived there from the start is kicked out. She gets along with Timmy pretty good, due to liking the Interest, Fun.

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