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Spooklane is the first town of ConnaBuilder's posted on this wiki. The town has a gothic theme and is star level two, almost star level 3 at this time. The most notable thing about this town is the essence user: A remake of Violet! So far, the eyes and mouth is wrong, but at star level 3 (When Shirley moves in) the remake can be complete!

Violet 2

Violet Remake

This article is Under ConstructionEdit

Here are my buildings and some pics of them.

Violet's House! (Later The Mansion of Violet)Edit

Or my house. Right now, its the same as Violets house, but I plan to make to so its a mansion! Based of the mansion in My Game Show. Anyway, here are my pics...

Poppy's HouseEdit

When I was moving Poppy so she lived next to me, I was thinking about how I wanted to make her a house like in MySims Kingdom, so I made her a house with a flower stand!

Important News!!!Edit

Sadly, the data for Spooklane is lost, and can't be continued.