Cassandra is a ghost that can appear in your town. She will not appear unless a spooky resident, such as Sir Vincent or Ray, performs a séance. She will want to play numerous times and loves to scare you. She will often pop up behind you, scare you, and tickle you. She will also float around the area of the large fountain in your town and try to scare or tickle any other townsfolk who come by. Cassandra can sometimes disappear randomly while interacting with her, or at any time at all, so you will have to have another spooky person perform another seance if you want her to appear again, or you may have to search around town, as she may have just disappeared somewhere else.

You can't move her into your town, but she'll give you three special blueprints if you become best friends with her. This can be hard at times either because she won't stay long enough, or she will scare your sim and subtract points.

However, even if you do succeed in being best friends with her, she will not appear in your relationship book. She has purple hair in a short spiked style and small bunny ears. Nothing is known about Cassandra's background, or the cause of her death.


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